Making NetworkManager work together with openrc scripts

Because there’s several things NetworkManager can’t handle, such as bridging network, many people wondered if NetworkManager could work together with openrc scripts. The answer is yes and my project will help you achieve this.

The solution is very easy. You could tell NetworkManager which network interface should be managed and which shouldn’t. Let’s take an example:

Suppose you have two network interface: eth0 and eth1. You’d like to use bridge on eth0 and let NetworkManager help you manage eth1.

config_eth0=( “null” )
config_br0=( “” )
config_eth1=( “dhcp” )

What you shoud do is using net.eth0 to support bridge. Meanwhile, you should disable eth0 for NetworkManager by adding:

# Fill in mac address of eth0, required by the plug-in

And we are done 🙂

eth0 and br0 configuration will be reserved by the plug-in. You could do anything that NetworkManager supports to eth1.


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