Gentoo NetworkManager Plug-in Final Report For GSoC


This is the last report for Gentoo NetworkManager plug-in during GSoC.

I’ll continue maintaining this project after GSoC and I’ll write new articles about the new life :).

I mentioned in last weekly report that I was going to merge our plug-in to NM upstream. Dan Williams gave me some great comments and I was working on them for the last two weeks. This includes code quality/format improvements, monitoring improvements, logic improvements and several bug fixes. Now all the problems are solved and we are agreed to merge our plug-in on Monday 23rd August.

Robert has helped me pushed the plug-in into portage and enabled it by default. We have got some great feedback. Right now, all the reported bugs were fixed and it’s looking good.

I want to maintain this project after GSoC and continue contributing myself to Gentoo community as a developer. Right now I’m working on Gentoo developer quiz.

This summer is really wonderful and thank Gentoo Community for giving such a great experience to me.


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  1. #1 by Bon Giorno on September 24, 2010 - 4:22 pm

    Great you still contributing on the Gentoo projects. Will try your plugin if I have some spare time :-).

    Bon Giorno

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