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I’m pulling fcitx back!

fcitx is an amazing Chinese input toy for X. But due to bugs and lack of maintainers, it’s masked now and will be removed from portage.

But today, I see that fcitx 4.0 is released. It fixed many bugs,  introduced new themes, improved performance and accuracy. Here’s what it looks like:

default theme

black theme






Isn’t it amazing?

I’ve added the ebuild to my overlay, and there’s a config editor “fcitx-config”. Please try it if you like it :).

layman -a qiaomuf
emerge fcitx fcitx-config



An easy command to monitor network connections

Lately I played mongodb a bit and I encountered this situation:

I want to figure out how many connections have been established between my client and mongodb server when I run the test code.

Though I figured out later that the log file contain such information,  I managed to use ‘watch’ to do such a job, which could be applied to other cases. Here it is:

watch -d -n 0.1 'netstat -p -an|grep mongo'

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