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Why gentoo cvs server is so hard to connect?

I takes me a few minutes to run a simple command ‘cvs add’ :(. Is that because I’m in China?

I’ve already tried

ssh -M -N -f

Does anyone have any advice to speed up access?

BTW, wordpress’s quick post is just a way to write draft?

Oh my god, I’m still waiting for cvs add……



Recent Updates for Gentoo NetworkManager Plugin

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about Gentoo NetworkManager Plug-in. But I never stopped my work. Here are some updates for it.


  1. Shared connection could work now.
  2. Support ad-hoc network
  3. Allow to use “default gw *.*.*.*” to configure routes

Bug fix:

  • Bug #353549 Fix tests
  • Bug #352638 Fix bug in parsing dhclient.conf
  • Bug #350476 Fix several small bugs, improved log output, support shared connection.
  • Bug #339215  Allow to use “default gw *.*.*.*” to configure routes

One small issue for shared ad-hoc system connection is that it doesn’t start the connection automatically when networkmanager is started the first time after boot (Bug #350476). But I notice that there’s the same problem with the default keyfile plug-in. So I think it may be an upstream bug but I don’t get any response from upstream :(.

All the updates are contained in networkmanager-0.8.2-r6. Some modification has been merged to upstream.

Thanks for your attention.


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