libbash weekly report #3

We use Scrum in our project. Petteri calls this iteration “getting hotter” because we already have a lot of features working. In this iteration we want to make them work better. Here’s what I have done in the first week (two weeks for an iteration):

  • Supported the eval built-in
  • Supported pattern matching in keyword test
  • Supported simple IO redirection
  • Supported arithmetic expression in keyword test
  • Made error handling POSIX compliant
  • Improved command list
  • Improved variable expansion and arithmetic expansion
  • Supported more Portage functions (ewarn, debug-print, etc.)
  • Cleaned the output of unit tests
  • Improved the quality of the code (explicitly disabled copying, fixed header ordering, compiled our code with -Wconversion and -Wsign-conversion, etc.)
  • Fixed mistakes in the metadata that our instruo generates
  • Examined the syntax that we can not handle in all eclasses and added corresponding stories
  • Added stories from the output of our instruo
  • Wrote a simple ebuild to install necessary dependencies (layman -a qiaomuf)
  • Created a home page based on Gentoo Infrastructure (new Gentoo project)

Before making error handling POSIX compliant, we could generate correct ebuild metadata for about 7800 ebuilds. After that we can only generate 1689 because we will stop if any error occurs.

In the next week, I’ll:

  • Make the CI server running
  • Support array index in variable expansion
  • Add more stories based on the output of instruo

I can’t tell more because I don’t know what stories I’ll add. We’ll see in the next weekly report.


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