libbash weekly report #4

This week I’ve made an important change to bash function implementation. So far we can generate correct metadata for 7927 ebuilds. Here’s what I have done:

  • supported not equals in arithmetic expansion
  • supported array offset expansion like ${*:1:2} and ${a[@]:1:2}
  • improved the implementation for bash functions
  • supported shopt -p
  • supported declare -p
  • supported printf
  • supported $#
  • fixed case statement with empty body
  • removed unnecessary abstractions in the implementation of arithmetic expansion
  • filed new stories from the output of instruo

In the coming week, I’ll:

  • Support bash redirections for all kinds of commands
  • support $-
  • fix problems with built-in test
  • support brace expansion
  • cache parsing failures
  • support indirect reference in arithmetic expansion
  • support escaped characters in double quoted string
  • fix bugs in arithmetic expansion
  • continue working on the story for the CI server

Till now, we have supported most of the language features that are needed for metadata generation. But there are a lot of small problems that we have to handle. The most difficult part is to improve the parser grammar. Even a small change to the grammar could break a lot of things because the grammar is already complicated. So our progress may be slowed down when I have to deal with parser grammar improvement.

Hope we can get more stuff fixed in the next couple of weeks.


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