libbash weekly report #6

Last week I tried to do semantic predicate in our parser grammar. We hoped that it could solve most of the problems we were facing. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up well as we cannot make semantic predicate working with backtracking. This week I will migrate to ANTLR 3.4. and see if it helps solve the problem. Here are what I have done in the last week:

  • Supported braces in command arguments
  • Improved comment handling
  • Supported ANSI C Quoting
  • Supported shortcut capability for && and || in arithmetic expansion
  • Supported arithmetic expression
  • Supported break built-in
  • Improved our build system to reduce dependencies
  • Made arithmetic expansion follow POSIX
  • Improved exception hierarchy
  • Implemented shift built-in
  • Improved the ast_printer utility

A few stories are blocked due to the backtracking problem.

This week I will:

  • Upgrade to ANTLR 3.4 and see if it helps solve the backtracking problem
  • Fix errors in the CI Server
  • Break down walker grammar to reduce compile time
  • Use bash to verify test scripts
  • Support alias
  • Handle options to the local built-in
  • Upgrade to Paludis 0.64.1
  • Support thread-safety
  • Clean up warnings from doxygen

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