libbash weekly report #7

This week we finally have our CI server working. Many thinks to robbat2 and other people who helped. If your GSoC projects might benefit from it(buildbot), please go ahead to ask for it. The number of ebuilds that we can handle doesn’t change as we still have the problem in our parser grammar. Here’s what I have done in the last week:

  • Finished setting up the CI server
  • Broke down the walker grammar to reduce compile time
  • Unified header protection coding style
  • Cleaned up doxygen warnings

two stories are blocked:

  • Upgrade to ANTLR 3.4

I fixed some problems in the libraries and reported some bugs upstream. Now I’m still blocked by some upstream bugs. This story is quite important because many stories need semantic predicate. We hope ANTLR 3.4 could support it when backtracking is turned on.

  • Make the library thread safe

There are still some problems with the thread safe code, I will continue working on it in this week.

So this week I will continue working on the blocked stories. We will decide what to do next after upgrading to ANTLR 3.4.


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