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Ifnet updates for NetworkManager 0.9

NetworkManager 0.9 has changed a lot of stuff. Before NM 0.9, there are user connections and system connections. Ifnet plug-in is made to only take charge of system connections. But after NM 0.9, all connections become system connections and ifnet tries to manage all of them. Then some bad things might happen. The problem is reported by David Narvaez and he helped a lot on it. Bug #392409 is also caused by the problem. This is fixed in networkmanager- if a user does not check “available to all users”, ifnet will not handle the connection any more and the default plug-in “keyfile” will do the job.

Another important change is that ifnet now supports openrc style. As bash arrays are not allowed by openrc, ifnet caused Bug #369711. After networkmanager-, ifnet can read both the old baselayout style (with bash arrays) and openrc style (without bash arrays), but it only writes to /etc/conf.d/net with openrc style.




Gentoo NetworkManager Plug-in now supports non-alnum SSID

For a long time, we can’t use non-alnum SSID for system connections when ifnet is enabled. For example, when you have an SSID named “foo bar”, ifnet plug-in will write this into /etc/conf.d/net:
config_foo bar=(…)
And this will break baselayout or openrc because space is not allowed in variable name.

But now you can specify any SSID you want, the plug-in will handle it transparently. Here’s how it works:
When an non-alnum SSID is specified, ifnet plug-in will transform it to the equivalent hex format. For example, you have the SSID “foo bar”, the following will be written to /etc/conf.dnet:
config_0x666F6F20626172=( “dhcp” )
Meanwhile, the name displayed in nm-applet will be transformed to printable characters.

Thanks to  William L. Thomson Jr’s help in Bug #356337.

PS: What is non-alnum? man isalnum



Recent Updates for Gentoo NetworkManager Plugin

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about Gentoo NetworkManager Plug-in. But I never stopped my work. Here are some updates for it.


  1. Shared connection could work now.
  2. Support ad-hoc network
  3. Allow to use “default gw *.*.*.*” to configure routes

Bug fix:

  • Bug #353549 Fix tests
  • Bug #352638 Fix bug in parsing dhclient.conf
  • Bug #350476 Fix several small bugs, improved log output, support shared connection.
  • Bug #339215  Allow to use “default gw *.*.*.*” to configure routes

One small issue for shared ad-hoc system connection is that it doesn’t start the connection automatically when networkmanager is started the first time after boot (Bug #350476). But I notice that there’s the same problem with the default keyfile plug-in. So I think it may be an upstream bug but I don’t get any response from upstream :(.

All the updates are contained in networkmanager-0.8.2-r6. Some modification has been merged to upstream.

Thanks for your attention.


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